WWE NXT Review: The Lucha Dragons Defend Against The Ascension

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Tyler Breeze vs. Justin Gabriel

Gabriel was in complete control throughout this match.

In the end, Breeze was able to hit a Beauty Shot for the win.

Breeze defeats Gabriel via pinfall.

2.5 out of 5 stars – Gabriel was completely dominant, but Breeze pulled out the win, as the announce team pointed to his resiliency. Not completely out of the ordinary, but it is for a heel.

William Regal and Natalya backstage

Natalya walked up to Regal and asked for another NXT Championship shot for her husband, Tyson Kidd.

Regal said he has no reason to give Kidd another shot at the title. Natalya reasoned that his last shot was in a Fatal 4-Way, but Regal pointed out that Kidd was still the man who was pinned.

Natalya continued to advocate for her husband, saying that she knew he could do it if he had one more chance, so Regal gave him just that. Regal said that if Kidd was unsuccessful this time, it would be his last shot at the title for the rest of Adrian Neville’s reign.

I enjoy the stuff with Natalya. She does a great job at playing the overbearing wife who is overstepping her boundaries because she loves her husband, while Kidd’s just a jerk who shows no appreciation.