WWE NXT Review: The Lucha Dragons Defend Against The Ascension

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Colin Cassady, Enzo Amore and Carmella pre-taped video

Big Cass was working the camera once again, as him and Enzo were taking Carmella to the Performance Center to train her for a tryout.

Carmella walked in and immediately was looking for the ring, but Enzo told her she’s got some working out to do first. Enzo said she’s hot, but she’s “hairdresser hot”, not “Diva hot”. Carmella took exception to that and walked off, while Big Cass continued to film Enzo, who started jogging on a treadmill.

Carmella returned, and Big Cass noted that she looked really hot, as she started to stretch. Enzo tried to check her out over his shoulder, but ended up wiping out on the treadmill, forcing Big Cass and Carmella to mock him for embarrassing himself.

This is their third video with Carmella, and they have all been entertaining. I can’t wait until she has her debut and we see them truly become a stable.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady promo

Enzo did his Road Dogg-like introduction for himself and Big Cass.

Enzo started talking to Marcus Louis, who was wearing some ridiculous headgear to cover up his bald head. Enzo said that Louis had to eat some pie at TakeOver, and asked Big Cass what type of pie it was. Big Cass started listing different kinds of pie, while Enzo lead the crowd in saying “How you doin’?” in between each one.

Marcus Louis vs. Enzo Amore

Louis was able to control Enzo fro most of the match, until he knocked him to the outside.

Big Cass stopped Sylvester Lefort from getting involved, then Louis tried to get Enzo back in the ring. As Louis reached over the ropes, Enzo grabbed Louis’ head and performed a hangman on the ropes, causing the headgear to come off, and Louis’ baldness to be exposed.

The distraction made Louis an easy target for a roll-up.

Amore defeats Louis via pinfall.

The match focused much more on the status of Louis’ head than on the actual wrestling.

Tyson Kidd backstage

Kidd said he didn’t need his wife getting him title shots. He said he could ask for a title shot on his own.

Kidd went on to accept the fact that this was his last chance, but said that’s okay, because he won’t need another. Kidd said that he has pinned Neville, and he will do it this time, with the title on the line.

Sami Zayn backstage

Zayn said that it is a little pathetic that Kidd needed his wife to ask for a title shot for him.

He said Kidd is dangerous because he is desperate. However, he added that Adrian Neville’s recent actions prove that he is desperate as well, so that match is a toss-up.