SmackDown Review: Big Show vs. Rusev

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Summer Rae and Layla vs. Natalya and Rosa Mendes

Summer acted tough before the match, but immediately played the coward and tagged out to Layla as the match started.

Layla and and Summer made many frequent tags, in order to neutralize Natalya’s superior ability and power.

Natalya eventually made the hot tag to Rosa, who got a little offense in, but was rolled up by Layla in the end.

Layla and Summer Rae defeat Rosa Mendes and Natalya via pinfall.

1.5 out of 5 stars – Natalya = good. Layla and Summer Rae = okay. Rosa Mendes = …

Big Show w/ Renee Young

Show talked about the World’s Strongest Man having the world’s biggest heart.

He said that Henry tried his best against Rusev, and now Rusev and Lana want to talk trash about Henry. He said that they can do that because America is a free country, and it affords them that right.

He said that he is going to knock Rusev out.