SmackDown Review: Big Show vs. Rusev

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Lana and Rusev w/ Renee Young

Lana first spoke in Russian, then mocked the English language and said she would translate. Lana told Renee that Rusev would crush whatever stood in his way.

Rusev then spoke to Big Show in Russian, but it was not translated.

Rusev vs. Big Show

Show controlled the entire first half of the match, except for a small burst for Rusev, after he attacked Show’s throat.

Rusev eventually found an opening, and he really attacked Show’s legs. After Show was able to get control back, he hit a chokeslam, then looked to follow with a KO Punch. Lana grabbed his leg and distracted Show, which allowed Rusev to grab a flag pole and hit Show with it.

Big Show defeats Rusev via DQ.

After the match, Show hit Rusev with a KO Punch.

0 out of 5 stars – This easily could have been Jack Swagger, and it would have been a big deal. No reason for Show to be the first guy to knock Rusev down, even if Rusev is still unpinned. Absolute disaster.

Not to mention that Show’s offense was 95% chops.