The 5 Best Moments of the Week in WWE: Night of Champions Fallout

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Number 5. Rusev Dominants Until…

Ever since arriving on the scene in WWE, Rusev has been an unstoppable force. He has dominated every one he has faced and that trend looked like it would continue this week. Mark Henry had vowed to end Rusev’s reign of terror in WWE, as he looked to defeat the Hero of the Russian Federation at Night of Champions. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way for the former Olympian. Not only did Rusev dominate Henry at the Night of Champions PPV, he did the very same thing the next night on Raw, as he made Henry pass out.

While Rusev was dominant in both matches, the actual matches themselves were underwhelming. Both of this weeks Rusev/Henry outings were slow and were missing big moments. In both battles, Henry never seemed to have a chance, which definitely showcased the power and strength of Rusev. It looked as if Rusev was going to cruise through this week. Then Friday Night came around.

In the main event of this week’s SmackDown, The Big Show stood up for his friend Henry and promised the WWE Universe he would knock out Rusev. He didn’t disappoint. In one of Rusev’s best matches to date and in a match where Big Show showed off his athleticism, Show had Rusev beat with a chokeslam. As he was lining up Rusev for the KO punch, Lana got involved, allowing Rusev to attack Show with the Russian flag. It looked as if Rusev would leave with the Russian flag waving over his head again, until Show fought back and knocked out Rusev with a clubbing blow.

Rusev is one of the best young talents in WWE, as he showed this week but we also saw that experience overcomes youth.