Ring of Honor: Spoilers for Four Weeks of TV Tapings


On September 27, Ring of Honor had a TV taping at WesBanco Arena in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Four shows were produced and had a ton of action throughout. Let’s check out what happened.

All results are courtesy of Wrestle Zone.

"Episode one:(1) RD Evans & Moose def. two developmental talents managed by Prince Nana. Wasn’t sure who the team was, but it appeared to be a cheap ripoff of the Road Warriors minus the spiked shoulder pads. They dominated most of the match, with Evans and Moose getting the win after Veda Scott pulled Todd Sinclair out of the ring in the middle of a count. (Nevertheless, Evans and Moose were babyfaces in the match.) Evans “streak” is now 154-0.(2) Honor Rumble: 20 participants including Jay Lethal, ACH, Mark Briscoe, all five members of the Decade, Caprice Coleman, Brutal Bob, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Cheeseburger (who surprisingly lasted pretty long in the match), the Romantic Touch, Hanson, and Michael Bennett, among others. Tommaso Ciampa tried to enter the match, but Nigel McGuinness and security blocked his attempts. Bennett won the Honor Rumble after eliminating Briscoe. Cole, who had been eliminated by Briscoe moments before, didn’t look too happy.Episode two:(1) Hanson def. the Romantic Touch. Really nothing much to say here, but I did get to give Hanson a forearm bump after the match. (I was sitting at ringside.) Despite Rowe not being there due to recovering from his motorcycle accident, there were several “War Machine” chants.-The Kingdom comes out with Cole airing his frustration about Bennett winning and not him, although Maria Kanellis explained to him that at least Bennett has a chance to beat up Briscoe.(2) Adam Page vs. TaDarius Thomas in a no DQ match. Ended in a no-contest after Thomas decided to use a chair on Jimmy Jacobs instead of giving Page another shot with it, turning face in the process and quitting The Decade.(3) Adam Cole def. Cedric Alexander. Very back and forth match. Cole ends up winning after hitting Cedric with a Twist of Fate. Personally, despite doing the job here, Cedric seems to be in line to be the next big babyface for the company.Episode three:(1) ReDragon def. The Decade (Jimmy Jacobs & Roderick Strong) for the ROH World Tag Team Championship. ReDragon played babyfaces in this match. Very back and forth. Adam Page wanted to hand Strong a chair while BJ Whitmer had the referee distracted. Strong chose not to use the chair, which backfired. RedDragon retained tag titles. Afterwards, Strong and Page get into it before Jacobs has to play peacekeeper. The three veterans hug it out, but Strong shows no respect for Page.(2) Jay Lethal def. Will Ferrera for ROH World Television Championship. Truth Martini is without Saleezia tonight. Lethal is facing the guy who eliminated him in the Honor Rumble–surprised, since I expected him to face ACH, who aside from the Honor Rumble didn’t appear tonight. (Most of the Honor Rumble participants still had matches later on in the night.) Lethal dominated and retained easily.(3) Jay Briscoe def. Michael Bennett for the ROH World Championship. Very back and forth, Briscoe’s head got cut open, so I’m not sure if that will be edited out or not. Briscoe retains, only for Adam Cole to jump Briscoe. Mark Briscoe comes out to even the odds, only for Matt Taven to make a surprise return and jump the Briscoes. He then takes off his dress shirt to reveal a Kingdom tee. I guess his face run didn’t last very long. There were a lot of “You sold out!” chants at Taven afterwards.Episode four:(1) Mark Briscoe vs. Caprice Coleman. Back and forth match, Briscoe wins. The two then honor the Code of Honor afterwards and hug in the ring. As Briscoe is leaving the ring, he stops and sees the Book of Truth sitting on the commentary table before walking to the back; even Truth Martini had to make a double-take. Is there a possible Briscoes split down the road, with a heel turn for Mark and a feud with his brother?-Nigel McGuinness comes back out with the entire referee crew and calls out Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa comes out and the two air their grievances at each other. McGuinness reinstates Ciampa under the condition that he can’t touch another non-wrestling official, or else he’s fired. (He actually botched this, as he said Kevin Kelly and “that guy over there” before remembering it was Bobby Cruise; that’ll likely be edited from TV.) Ciampa says he couldn’t wait until next week to face Jay Briscoe for the championship, which McGuinness responds otherwise. Briscoe comes out and the two nearly brawl, with McGuinness stopping it by threatening to fire Ciampa on the spot. After Ciampa leaves the Kingdom comes out and attacks Briscoe, with Matt Taven now wearing matching ring gear as Adam Cole and Michael Bennett. Mark Briscoe tries to save his brother but the Kingdom overpower both.(2) The Decade (BJ Whitmer and Adam Page) def. Brutal Bob & Cheeseburger. The Decade wins easily, with Brutal Bob carrying Cheeseburger to the back. Jimmy Jacobs goes on commentary for the match. Roderick Strong didn’t come out for this segment.(3) AJ Styles def. Matt Sydal (former WWE star Evan Bourne). Arguably the match of the night. The crowd wanted a rematch after Styles won. The two men embraced in the ring afterwards, with Styles going to the back and letting Sydal have the moment to himself."

What do you think of the results from last night’s TV tapings?

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