Raw Review: John Cena Teams with Dean Ambrose

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Rosa Mendes vs. Layla

Natalya and Tyson Kidd accompanied Rosa Mendes, while Summer accompanied Layla, and Kidd and Natalya did a lot more fighting than paying attention to the match.

Natalya and Summer eventually started to brawl at ringside, while Kidd, unaware, rocked out with his Beats headphones.

As for the match, Layla got the win with The Layout, then Natalya was forced to steal Kidd’s phone from him.

Layla defeats Rosa Mendes via pinfall.

Some people may not like Total Divas angles, but anything with Kidd is okay with me.

I can’t even give the match a star rating, because we saw more of Kidd than Rosa Mendes or Layla.