Raw Review: John Cena Teams with Dean Ambrose

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Dean Ambrose promo

Ambrose came out with a duffel bag, and the Money in the Bank briefcase. He revealed that he was at the concession stands, and said he waved to Noble and Mercury as they walked by earlier, but that they were busy eating hot dogs.

He opened the duffel bag and revealed a bunch of merchandise. He said he is unhappy with how the merch counters are wrong, and he’s going to take a crack at it. He wanted to start selling stuff for $1, but Mercury and Noble came out.

Ambrose mocked the stooges, saying “Uh-oh, they sent the Cruiserweight Division out to get me.” Mercury and Noble wouldn’t make a move, and soon retreated to the back. Ambrose returned to the bag, forgot what he was originally doing, and started to just throw free shirts into the crowd, until Mercury and Noble returned with Seth Rollins and a bunch of security.

Ambrose now started to mock the security team, asking if they were really security, “’cause I could’ve sworn you were Rosebuds last week.”

Ambrose eventually walked through the crowd, leaving the briefcase for Rollins in the ring. Rollins slowly moved towards the briefcase, but opened it, only to be covered in green mist, bringing on laughs from Mercury, Noble and security.

Great segment from Ambrose. I’ve believed in him for a while, but this segment really got me. He’s got the ability to be “Stone Cold” good.

The Authority, Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Kane backstage

Rollins was complaining about not being able to see, so Triple H sent him to get his eyes washed out.

Triple H then asked for an update on Ambrose, and was told he was last seen on his way to Cena’s locker room. Triple H said to tell them they would be teaming up tonight, against Orton and Kane.

Orton and Kane were upset to be putting out another one of Rollins’ fires, but Triple H said they have plenty of reasons to want to fight Cena and Ambrose, then left it at that.