Raw Review: John Cena Teams with Dean Ambrose

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Mark Henry and Bo Dallas promo

Henry came out and went to apologize for his losses to Rusev, but he was interrupted by Bo.

Bo said that Henry isn’t living up to his potential. He said Henry needs to close the “Hall of Pain”, and head into the “Hall of Bolievers”. Bo said that being a Boliever means “never having to say your sorry”.

Mark Henry vs. Bo Dallas

Henry dominated Bo for the early going, but Bo rolled out of the way of a splash and hit Henry with a Bo-Dog for the win.

Dallas defeats Henry via pinfall.

2 out of 5 stars – Quick match, used to set up an angle later in the night.

Mark Henry and Bo Dallas backstage

This seemed to be a bit of double-turn moment.

As Bo was getting interviewed by Renee Young, Henry attacked him from behind and threw him around the backstage hallway.

After the segment ended, the announce team, especially Jerry Lawler, were against Henry’s actions. So, at the very least, Henry turned heel.

Stardust and Goldust backstage

Stardust was talking about their destiny. He was looking at stars, and said they determine their fate, but Goldust said that the “Cosmic Key” is the only thing that can determine their fate.