Raw Review: John Cena Teams with Dean Ambrose

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Lana and Big Show promo

Lana said that Show is a sore loser, and that he took a cheap shot at Rusev after their match on SmackDown.

Show came out and made light of their attempt to spin what happened. He said that he fought and forced Rusev to DQ himself to avoid a loss. He said that Rusev’s actions were weak, and that he would knock him out again.

Rusev finally heard enough and spoke some English, as he said he would break every bone in Rusev’s body.

Show decided to charge the ring, but Rusev and Lana retreated. However, after Show tore down the giant Russian flag, Rusev charged the ring unsuccessfully, twice.

John Cena w/ Renee Young

Cena said Chicago is his kind of town, but he called them “unstable” because they are chanting for the “unstable” Ambrose.

Cena said he looks forward to fighting with Ambrose, but that ends after their match. He said they have a similar target, and if Ambrose gets in his way…Cena couldn’t finish that thought, because Ambrose came in and just started to hand out in the background. Cena addressed Ambrose, who told Cena that Rollins is his after the match. Cena disagreed, but Ambrose told Cena that “nobody takes food off my plate, not even you.”

Fantastic work from Cena, even better work from Ambrose.