Raw Review: Six Nights Before WrestleMania 31

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Sting and Stephanie McMahon promo

Sting came out and talked about all the under-handed things that Triple H has done to get to the top.

Sting said he may be the “last soldier standing in some forgotten war,” but he’s not here to fight for WCW, he’s here to take Triple H down. Stephanie then made her entrance.

Stephanie talked down to Sting, and talked about him finally making the “big time.” Sting quickly fired back about her being a “spoiled, little brat,” who acts like she earned everything, when everything’s been handed to her.

Stephanie didn’t shy down though, and she wasted no time bringing up her father’s purchase of the company that Sting is most identifiable with, WCW, which happened 14 years ago today.

Stephanie tried to sucker Sting in, trying to catch him off-guard with a slap, but Sting was ready and caught her hand and held on to it for a second, bringing out The Game.

Triple H met Stephanie at ringside, and checked on her wrist, before climbing on the apron. Stephanie pulled his trademark sledgehammer out from under the ring, and as Triple H climbed in the ring, Sting pulled out the bat.

Sting waited for Triple H to make the first move, but after a lot of contemplation, he decided to leave without any physicality.

Triple H looked on as he backed away, as Sting got really amped up, and the crowd was ready to see these two brawl.

This was a great segment, and it really hyped up their match. I don’t totally agree with the use of Sting here, because you really want his entrance to feel special at WrestleMania, but it worked.