WrestleMania 31: Five Unique Facts About The Event

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Sting’s First (and maybe only) Match in WWE


Beginning with an obvious reason to check out the PPV, it is the first time Sting will participate in a WWE match. The Icon and Vigilante, who has been at the throat of Triple H and the Authority since his shock appearance at Survivor Series, was a WCW stalwart and following their purchase by Vince McMahon moved to TNA. But, in a moment that many have seen as long overdue, he will finally get his match on the Grandest Stage of Them All, battling the Game himself.

This is therefore a significant moment in history. To long-term fans of wrestling and the history of the industry, the name Sting is steeped in excellent matches and legendary feuds. From his battles with Ric Flair that spanned across the history of WCW, to the silent assailant standing alone against the nWo, Sting was the living embodiment of WCW and went down with the ship. His time in TNA was less memorable, but featured a number of title reigns and battles with Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Christian Cage that brought fans to the burgeoning show. Thus, every fan should be excited to be a part of this once in a lifetime occasion, to witness Sting’s first, and potentially only, match in WWE.