WWE NXT Review: Kevin Owens Defends NXT Championship Against Finn Balor

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Tyler Breeze and Hideo Itami w/ Devin Taylor

Breeze mockingly called Devin “Barbara Walters,” after her extremely simple, “What’s next?” question.

Breeze said that after his win against “Hide-0us” Itami, he is looking to get things back on track, and re-enter the NXT Championship picture, and become the most-gorgeous champion that NXT has ever seen.

Itami then interrupted, which greatly annoyed Breeze. Itami said that their series of matches is even at one, and he challenged Breeze to a 2 out of 3 Falls Match.

Itami walked away, and Breeze, who was taken back by the challenge, yelled out that he didn’t say “yes.”

Absolutely. I am greatly looking forward to this 2 out of 3 Falls Match. These two can go, and I was very pleased with how they brought the funny in this segment.

Finn Balor w/ Devin Taylor

Balor said that Kevin Owens talks a lot, and he doesn’t care about any of it, because Owens just loves the sound of his own voice.

Balor said that Owens may think Balor needs the demon to beat him, but Balor said that is not the case.

Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, Carmella, Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy backstage

Enzo, Big Cass and Carmella were talking about how they used to take care of guys like Blake and Murphy, when Blake and Murphy walked up.

Blake apologized on behalf of him and Murphy for accidentally taking her out last week. They then gave her a bracelet as an apology gift.

Carmella really liked the bracelet, while Enzo and Big Cass tried to knock it and tear it down. Carmella began to defend the bracelet, which Blake and Murphy bought with their championship bonus, while Enzo remarked that they must’ve been handed a light envelope.

Like NXT tends to do, they are weaving a bit of an intricate story here, hinting towards a few different paths, before deciding where they want to go with Carmella. I’m finding myself getting really invested in her, mostly because of the different directions her story could go.