WWE: Top 10 Macho Man Randy Savage Moments

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On Saturday, a tremendous oversight will finally be remedied in the realm of professional wrestling, as Macho Man Randy Savage will finally be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. One of the greatest performers of the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Savage’s blend of electric charisma and impeccable technical ability made him arguably the greatest all-round competitor of one of WWE’s most celebrated and profitable eras. Whilst Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior were pushed as the faces of the company, Savage’s matches kept fans wanting more, and would always be a presence in the main event as a beloved babyface, or a heel that you loved to hate.

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  • As Savage finally makes his long overdue entrance into the Hall of Fame, albeit a tragically posthumous induction due to his death in 2011, it seems only fitting to look back on the legendary career of a man who was often imitated, but never duplicated. Many legends of the business owe their fascination with wrestling to the body of work of the Macho Man, and thus is rightly considered as one of the greatest of all time. His prowess in the ring was often faultless, and could only be outshone by his masterful and colorful promos. In all, Savage was the complete package in a time where wrestlers were the embodiment of larger than life athletes.

    Therefore, to pay tribute to a man who transcended wrestling and popular culture with is fabulous matches and passion for entertainment, here is a recap of the ten greatest moments of his career. Although it was a career that carried a fair amount of controversy, when that is pushed into the background, Savage had one of the most incredible and fulfilling career’s in the history of professional wrestling. And these moments are merely, as he might have put it, “the cream of the crop” of an outstanding legacy.