WWE: Top 10 Macho Man Randy Savage Moments

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10. Survivor Series 1988 – Mega Powers Sole Survivors

Randy Savage had an excellent record at Survivor Series, never losing a match at the event and only suffering one elimination in four traditional tag team matches. This cemented him as one of the greatest competitors at this illustrious PPV, but one showing sticks in the memory above all the others. 1988 was the year of the Mega Powers, as the huge stars of Savage and Hulk Hogan united to battle the biggest and baddest heels in the company. Their alliance was a combination of main event superstardom that arguably had never been attained before or since.

At Survivor Series 1988, they co-captained a team of themselves, Hercules, Koko B. Ware and Hillbilly Jim against the Twins Towers, Ted Dibiase, Haku and Red Rooster. Soon, Savage and Hogan were left alone against four of their opponents, the odds firmly stacked against them. But, in an era where the sensational babyface comeback was at its peak, the Mega Powers fought back to stand tall as the sole survivors. Savage took the brunt of the assault, but sustained the damage and battled hard against their sizable opponents, and stood tall at the conclusion with his partner in a feel-good conclusion.