WWE: Top 10 Macho Man Randy Savage Moments

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9. King of the Ring


The King of the Ring is a moniker that has always carried a great deal of prestige in WWE, and has often become the foundation for bursting into the main event. Although it has a number of slightly odd recipients (Mabel, Billy Gunn) it was a significant moment for Randy Savage. This was soon after his loss of the Intercontinental Championship (a moment that will be covered in greater detail later), and after being a perennial heel in WWE, he was growing leaps and bounds in popularity at the moment that he overcame King Kong Bundy in the final.

This would be Savage’s launching pad for a renewed bid for the Intercontinental Championship, the birth of the Mega Powers, and his eventual rise to the top of WWE as its champion. The Macho Man became one of the most beloved members of the company, and the fans fell for his huge personality and charisma. Whilst his later stint as the Macho King was a more memorable gimmick, the victory in this tournament made him unbelievably popular and demonstrated to those backstage that he had the credentials to be pushed to the summit.