WWE: Top 10 Macho Man Randy Savage Moments

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7. Marrying Miss Elizabeth

After WrestleMania 7, Randy Savage was forced into retirement by his loss to the Ultimate Warrior, but remained a significant part of the company outside of the ring. He became a broadcaster, and after recently turning face again, he was just as popular as he had always been despite being out of action. Savage proposed to Miss Elizabeth in the middle of the ring, and despite being targeted by the nefarious Jake “The Snake” Roberts during these proceedings, everyone was excited for the biggest wedding in wrestling history.

For a professional wrestling wedding, which have historically been moments for a great deal of soap opera dramatics, their SummerSlam ceremony went off without a hitch. Savage and Elizabeth had a beautiful moment in front of the fans, where the violence of wrestling disappeared for a few minutes as their love was celebrated in the ring. Looking past the drama of their tumultuous relationship behind the scenes, this was just something for fans to celebrate between two people the fans had fallen for completely.