WWE: Top 10 Macho Man Randy Savage Moments

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5. Intercontinental Champion

Whilst the WWE Championship was the greatest accolade Randy Savage ever won, he is best know as one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all-time. His fourteen-month reign with the prestigious belt saw him battle huge names in the company, from Ricky Steamboat and Junkyard Dog, to George “The Animal” Steele and Bruno Sammartino. And this amazing run with the belt at a time when it meant exponentially more than nowadays began within a year of his first appearance in the company, as he engaged in a feud with Tito Santana.

Savage and Santana were both excellent performers and produced some very good matches over the belt, as Savage did not take the title at the first opportunity. Eventually, thanks in no small part to a steel object the Macho Man smuggled into the match and quickly hid away, Savage finally earned his first taste of gold in WWE. And clearly, he found the taste to his liking, as he held onto the title with an iron fist for over a year, the third longest in the company’s history. And arguably, Savage was the reason behind making the title a significant accolade for superstars coming up for the foreseeable future.