WWE: Top 10 Macho Man Randy Savage Moments

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4. WrestleMania 5 – The Mega Powers Collide

WrestleMania has always been the biggest stage of professional wrestling, and for a superstar the caliber of Randy Savage, it was a stage that he thrived in. He always saved his greatest wrestling performances for the biggest show on the calendar, as a huge contributory factor behind it becoming the powerhouse it is today, and also brought great showings from his opponents. And the biggest feud he had leading into a WrestleMania was undoubtedly his title defense against his Mega Power brother, Hulk Hogan.

Fueled by the jealousy of Hogan’s closeness to his girlfriend Miss Elizabeth, Savage became a petty and aggressive heel, desperate to protect his relationship and kill Hulkamania in the process. They produced an excellent battle in the main event of WrestleMania 5, where Savage carried the brunt of the work as the heel, and making a match with Hogan great at that time was no easy feat. Although Savage lost his title to his former partner, it was the first time he entered the grand stage as the champion, and so earns its place on this list.