WrestleMania 31: Preview and Predictions

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WWE Tag Team Championship – Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs Los Matadores vs The New Day vs The Usos

The Tag Team Championship once again finds itself as part of the Kickoff Show, in a match that was based upon the arrogance of the champions Cesaro & Tyson Kidd. They set the challenge to the rest of the tag team division to step up and earn the right to challenge for their belts. And boy did they get a response, with stiff competition being offered by Los Matadores, The New Day and The Usos. There has been no love lost between these teams in the lead-up to this match, and the form card suggests that any one of the four tandems involved could walk away with the titles. Not to forget also that each pairing will also have someone backing their cause at ringside.

With regards to a prediction, it really comes down to one of two teams. Los Matadores and The New Day do not appear anywhere near established or over enough to carry the titles at this moment in time. The former likely is only part of this match due to the Ascension dropping like a lead balloon. So, it will either be Cesaro & Kidd or the Usos, and due to the shoulder injury of Jey Uso and the status of the current champs, I feel like they will retain their titles and carry them for the foreseeable future.

Prediction: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd