WrestleMania 31: Preview and Predictions

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Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The second annual battle royal in memory of the first ever WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Andre the Giant, will take place as the curtain-caller of the Kickoff Show. Last year’s initial contest saw Cesaro bodyslam the huge Big Show over the top rope to win, and although his push was sadly derailed, it was still an incredible moment to behold. A moment similar to that this year would continue to build the budding legacy of this contest. With many names already been announced as part of this battle royal, the odds of picking the winner in the predictions are pretty slim.

There are a number of established and huge competitors in the match, including Kane, Mark Henry, and the Big Show. These men will be hard to hoist over the top rope, and have a great deal of history and success in battle royals. Alongside them are big names like Ryback and Erick Rowan, that have pushed themselves into the spotlight with their battles against the Authority. And the prospect of a returning Sheamus is up in the air, as well as the appearance of NXT star Hideo Itami in the mix.

However, my choice for the winner is none other than Damien Mizdow. After a year in which he has recovered from being a comedy jobber into a stunt double and Tag Team Champion, and has become one of the most organically popular men on the WWE roster. With his employer the Miz also part of the match, it appears the perfect opportunity to break their tumultuous pairing and give Mizdow the ideal boost for a year of hard work and determination.

Prediction: Damien Mizdow