WrestleMania 31: Preview and Predictions

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The Bella Twins vs AJ Lee & Paige

The Divas division will be represented in a tag team match, featuring four of their best performers at this moment in time. The Bella Twins have reigned supreme over the division for the entirety of 2015, with Nikki as the champion and Brie always there to ensure that remains the case. On the opposite side, Paige has been leading a crusade against their rule of the roster, and has been joined in those efforts with the returning AJ Lee after a few months absent. The combination of AJ & Paige has been a source of contention, considering their feud over the Divas Championship throughout 2014.

The action really came to ahead this past week on television, as Paige battled Nikki Bella for the title, after Nikki offered that match to either of her rivals in a bid to create tension between the pair. This seemed to work out when AJ inadvertently hit Paige in the match, costing her the victory. The professed “frienemies” then brawled following this result, leading many to question whether they would pose much of a threat to the sisters at WrestleMania. But on SmackDown, they agreed to bury the hatchet once and for all with the aim of beating their rivals.

However, I consider the Bella Twins the favorites to win this match. They have been pushed really strongly at the top of the division, and their tag team victory over Paige and Natalya at the Royal Rumble was an utterly dominant display. Realistically, either team has a significant chance of winning as the belt isn’t up for grabs, so there is little consequence in the outcome. But I’ll still stick with the twins to earn a win and have something else to gloat about on RAW the following night.

Prediction: The Bella Twins