WrestleMania 31: Preview and Predictions

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Triple H vs Sting

Triple H runs the Authority with an iron fist, alongside his wife Stephanie, and has always been determined to push whoever he considered was best for business. At Survivor Series 2014, his position in power was in jeopardy in a traditional elimination tag, and thanks to the Game’s interference, Seth Rollins was set to overcome Dolph Ziggler. That saw the arrival of Sting for the first time in a WWE arena, as the legendary WCW Icon took down Triple H, and has since been thwarting his conniving attempts to abuse his power at every turn.

This match has been billed as fourteen years in the making, as Sting stayed with WCW until they were bought out by Vince McMahon, and then moving to TNA rather than joining the company. Now the Vigilante is here, and is desperate to put Triple H out of power. This battle will see arguably WCW’s greatest star take on one of the biggest in WWE’s history, and could boil down to a fight between a sledgehammer and a baseball bat.

Realistically, this is the simplest match to predict, as few people can consider Triple H a viable winner. This is Sting’s first match in WWE, and in order to make sure that he leaves a meaningful impact, this is a must-win match. Unless either Triple H or McMahon are petty enough to bury WCW one last time (which I consider very unlikely), it makes no sense for the King of Kings to rule over his rival. Sting as the winner is the only course of action that fits correctly, and thus the question is really how good a match these two veteran stars will be able to produce in the process.

Prediction: Sting