Raw Review: Fallout From a Crazy WrestleMania 31

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Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon promo

Heyman didn’t waste time, as he got into what happened last night. He said that Lesnar did what he said, put an absolute beating on Roman Reigns, with countless suplexes right through the canvas. The crowd got a “Suplex City” chant going, and Heyman acknowledged Lesnar’s line from last night.

Heyman said he’s not going to waste his time talking about Reigns, since Reigns did stand up to The Beast last night, but he still has a ways to go.

Heyman ran through the final F-5, and Rollins’ entrance and cash-in to make the Triple Threat. He made sure to emphasize the fact that Rollins pinned the challenger, not the champion. He called Rollins “the most undeserving champion of anybody’s lifetime.”

Heyman brought up his father’s legal career, and said that he could go the legal route and easily get the title off Rollins, and have it be tied-up in litigation in months. However, Lesnar hates lawyers, and instead, Lesnar just wants his rematch clause to be invoked tonight.

Stephanie came out and continued to tout the attendance record. She congratulated Brock on being a part of one of the greatest main events of all time, then she got halted by a loud “Ronda Rousey” chant.

Stephanie said that if the crowd wanted the rematch, they wouldn’t want to make her mad. She said that Rollins hadn’t returned from his appearance on The Today Show, but when he does, she’s sure he’ll prove himself as a fighting champion.

Heyman said that Lesnar will wrestle for the first time on Raw in a decade, and he will take back what is rightfully his. That’s not a prediction, but a spoiler.

Stephanie’s actually getting on my nerves a lot recently, which sometimes is because she’s very good, and other times because she’s very bad. This was a good time. Not to mention, that Heyman and Lesnar were both in rare form, as well.