Raw Review: Fallout From a Crazy WrestleMania 31

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Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship

Bad News Barrett was on commentary for this match.

They played a little bit on Ziggler’s two recent one-on-one wins over Bryan, as Bryan seemed a little cautious of Ziggler in the early going.

When Bryan finally made a move, Ziggler countered and fought Bryan into the corner. After taking a few shots, Bryan countered and threw Ziggler in the corner, as Bryan played to his superior striking abilities.

Bryan kept on offense with the surfboard hold, but it wasn’t long after that that Ziggler dove into Bryan against the ropes, sending both of them out of the ring and to the floor, and Raw to a commercial.

When Raw returned, action had returned to the ring, and Ziggler was firmly in control of Bryan, until things went to the top rope. Both men fought for control on the top, until Bryan finally hit a back superplex.

Bryan continued with some more Yes Kicks, which was followed by some awesome back-and-forth wrestling. Bryan countered a Zig Zag in the corner, then went for a running knee, but Ziggler countered with a superkick for a nearfall, and the match reset.

Bryan and Ziggler got to their feet and started throwing punches, which escalated into headbutts. Ziggler threw a huge headbutt, sending Bryan into the corner, but Bryan exploded back out with a running knee.

Bryan defeats Ziggler via pinfall.

After the match, Barrett elbowed Bryan in the back of the head, and waited for Bryan to get back up, ready for a Bullhammer, but Sheamus came out and chased him off. Sheamus stared at Barrett, then Brogue Kicked Bryan.

Sheamus continued the beating on Ziggler, who did his best to fight back, but Sheamus hit White Noise and a Brogue Kick.

After all that, Sheamus grabbed a mic to simply say, “I’m back.”

4 out of 5 stars – Bryan-Ziggler was absolutely phenomenal.

The return of Sheamus was well-executed, even if he does look “stupid,” as the crowd said. Nonetheless, if we see this Fatal 4-Way for the title at WWE Extreme Rules, I’ll be happy.