Raw Review: Fallout From a Crazy WrestleMania 31

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Tyson Kidd and Cesaro and The Ascension vs. The New Day and The Lucha Dragons

Big E and Kofi Kingston competed for The New Day.

Sin Cara started the match against Cesaro. The new Sin Cara is a perfect match for Cesaro’s style, as the fought back-and-forth, lucha vs. brute strength.

Kalisto entered the match next, and he provided the same dynamic, only with much more unique moves. Kalisto set the crowd on fire with his offense, and confused Cesaro so much that he retreated halfway up the ramp.

When Cesaro returned to the ring, he immediately tagged out to Konnor, while Kalisto tagged out to Big E.

Big E was in control, until he tagged out to Sin Cara, and The Ascension quickly went to work on him, and the heels continued that attack, before and after the break.

Sin Cara made the hot tag to Kofi, who was on-fire against Kidd, until a blind tag saw him get a huge uppercut from Cesaro, but Viktor tagged himself in the match, which lead to some in-fighting amongst the heels. When Viktor finally got back to the match, Kofi rolled him up and created enough space to get the tag to Kalisto.

Kalisto had Viktor completely dead to the rights, but the match broke down, with Big E showing off his strength, and Kofi and Sin Cara doing some high-flying.

That left Kalisto and Viktor in the ring, with Kalisto getting the final shot, Salida del Sol.

The Lucha Dragons and The New Day defeat The Ascensino and Kidd and Cesaro via pinfall.

3.75 out of 5 stars – Perfect showcase match for Kalisto. He’s going to be so insanely over.