Raw Review: Fallout From a Crazy WrestleMania 31

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John Cena promo

Cena talked about WrestleMania Moments, but said that this crowd is always the best of this year.

Cena said that “The Champ is Here,” and he’s ready for a fight, so any warm body that wants a shot at the United States Champion can “come get some.”

The Lunatic Fringe was ready and willing.

John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship

After some early chain-wrestling, Cena was forced to break a headlock, and Ambrose shoved him hard. Cena’s complexion changed, as they got set to continue the match.

Neither guy was able to find a true advantage before Raw went to commercial.

After the commercial, Cena was in control, but Ambrose was ready to get back in it. Ambrose countered a Five-Knuckle Shuffle with a kick to Cena’s head, and shortly after hit a rebound clothesline.

Ambrose went for Dirty Deeds, but Cena countered for an AA, but Ambrose countered that. The two men continued brawling in the ring, until Cena went to the outside, and Ambrose hit a big diving elbow to the floor.

Cena got back in the ring first, and Ambrose followed by walking into an AA, but he kicked out.

Cena went for an AA from the top, but Ambrose countered with a sunset flip, then holding Cena and walking out for a powerbomb in the middle of the ring, however, Cena rolled right through the powerbomb and locked in the STF, but Ambrose got to the ropes.

Cena went for another AA, but Ambrose countered with an STF of his own. Cena got out of that and went for an AA, but Ambrose escaped and hit Dirty Deeds, but Cena kicked out.

Cena and Ambrose continued fighting, trading finisher attempts, before Cena caught Ambrose off a crossbody, rolled through, and hit an AA to retain.

Cena defeats Ambrose via pinfall.

4 out of 5 stars – I gave them the same rating, but this might have been a shade better than Bryan/Ziggler from earlier in the night. Both absolutely great matches.

Seth Rollins and Randy Orton w/ Renee Young

Renee asked about Lesnar’s suspension, and Rollins said that Lesnar is an out-of-control animal. He said that Lesnar’s actions were unbecoming of a WWE Superstar, let alone a WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Rollins said that he earned the right to cash-in his title shot, and he did that when everybody least expected it. He said he’s going to keep the title for a very long time.

Rollins’ eyes got really big then, as Orton walked up.

Orton brought up his win over Rollins from earlier in the night at WrestleMania, and he also brought up the rematch he never got after his loss at WrestleMania XXX.

Orton said he wants the title, then Kane and Big Show came to stand by Rollins’ side. Rollins gave Orton until the end of the night to find two partners to take on him, Kane and Show.

This could be a really good feud to put Rollins over as a strong champion.