Raw Review: Fallout From a Crazy WrestleMania 31

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AJ Lee, Paige and Naomi vs. Natalya and The Bella Twins

Naomi and Natalya started the match with a long sequence that saw neither one establish control, until Natalya was able to bring Naomi to the mat, then do the run-over move, followed by the dropkick.

Natalya tagged out to Brie, who continued the offense on Naomi. Naomi finally was able to make a tag, sending Brie into the corner, as Paige entered match to a big pop.

As Raw went to commercial, Paige and Brie went to floor, both laid out, as all four of their teammates surrounded them, making sure that no shenanigans went on.

When Raw returned, AJ was in the ring, and being completely controlled by the heels, as the crowd tried to rally behind AJ.

Nikki had a really cool hold on AJ, bending her in an unnatural way. AJ got out of the hold, and shortly after, made the tag to Naomi.

Naomi had a lot of good offense on Nikki before the match broke down and all six-Divas got involved in the high-paced action.

When it all calmed down, Naomi ducked a forearm from Nikki, which ended up landing on Brie. With Nikki shocked that she took out her sister, she turned right into a Rear-View.

Naomi, AJ and Paige defeat The Bella Twins and Natalya via pinfall.

2.75 out of 5 stars – Good match.

The Divas Revolution won’t happen over night, it’s a process.

Randy Orton and Ryback backstage

Orton was preparing for a match, when Ryback walked up and offered up his services. Orton smiled and the two shook hands.

This would be a bit underwhelming after all the fun stuff that’s happened tonight.