Five Best Who WWE Never Had As World Champion

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Not every great professional wrestler had the honor of being named the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. In fact there have been a lot of Hall of Fame wrestlers who never wore the title. You can go back through recent history when the WWE hit its peak in the 1980’s and look at a list that has very few names on it. The list of who never won it is more of a “who’s who” type list of top talents. 

During the “Golden Ages” or the “Federation Years” as it is often referred to because the WWE had to get the Federation out of their World Wrestling (you thought I was going to use their old slogan to usher in the “E” era didn’t you), Hulk Hogan dominated the World title picture. Vince McMahon knew he was the big attraction and the money-maker so why go away from what was working.

It wasn’t until early 1988 when The Hulkster was “pinned” by André The Giant that the title was going to be held by a different person since Hogan won it in 1984 off of the Iron Sheik. Even after the WWE Title vacancy after the Hogan vs. André fallout – there was only one other person to hold it in the 1980’s and that was The Macho Man Randy Savage.

Think of the names that went through the WWE at that time and you’ll see a lot of really great wrestlers who never held the title. They may have gone into the AWA, USWA, NWA, WCW, or even in Japan and won the belts there but never what most consider the top prize, the WWE title.

So here is a list of the top five I think should have won the title but didn’t. Now this is my opinion and I’m basing it on skill, character, marketing appeal, and their history with other federations. I’m also skipping over anything after 1994. My reason for that is because titles then were being traded more frequently so the opportunity was there for many to win.

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