WWE Raw Review: The Raw before Elimination Chamber

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The WWE Raw before Elimination Chamber: What kind of setup can we expect to see on Raw and who will make an impact before the pay per view. 

Raw starts out with a wonderful tribute to our soldiers with a speech by former President Ronald Reagan. Many WWE Superstars are quoting the speech as President Reagan is talking. Very nice way to honor our troops and the fallen that we remember on Memorial Day.

Here’s what’s on tap for tonight:

Dean Ambrose is expected to retaliate for what happened to him at the end of Raw by Seth Rollins and The Authority.

What can be expected from Nikki Bella and Naomi as far as the Diva’s title is concerned. What will Paige do as well now that she is back?

What kind of setup can we expect for all of the Elimination Chamber matches? Will there be another tag team brawl? Will the Intercontinental Championship match contestants have another face to face beating?

Does John Cena still continue the U.S. Open Title Match Challenge after last week’s attack by Kevin Owens? What will Cena have to say about Owens? Does Kevin Owens show up the Raw before Elimination Chamber?

Does Rusev have payback in mind after Lana and Ziggler got a little too close for his comfort last week?

Oh, and how could I forget – the guest hosts tonight is the cast of Entourage. 

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