WWE SummerSlam: Power Ranking Every Show

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Leading into the 28th edition of SummerSlam on August 23rd, Daily DDT recaps and ranks every prior SummerSlam spectacular since its debut in 1988.

SummerSlam is considered the second biggest event in WWE today, and has an emphatic legacy of exceptional matches, moments and memories. Beginning in 1988, the PPV is revered for it’s summertime atmosphere and culminating major feuds, standing in the same exclusive club as WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series. SummerSlam is also remembered for its wonderful relationship with the Intercontinental Championship, with many of the belt’s most epic encounters taking place within these cards, and the Ladder match, as many of the company’s finest have risked life and limb in these exciting, risk-fueled clashes.

Nevertheless, like any other withstanding event in WWE’s history, SummerSlam has both bathed in the warming glow of epic clashes and famous moments, and has also been kept deep in the shade with some ridiculous decisions and mind-numbing trainwrecks. As the upcoming event in Brooklyn, New York will be the 28th incarnation of this storied spectacle, it seems fitting to look back on all the previous SummerSlams in determining which are worth revisiting for generations to come, and which should be left at the beach to be swept away by the tide.

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