Wrestling’s Top Ten Greatest Tag Teams of All Time

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DailyDDT’s writers rank the top ten greatest tag-teams of all time. Who will be number one?

What makes for a great tag team? It takes a lot of chemistry that for some pairings comes naturally. For others may take some time to develop. It takes charisma, the ability to get fans to invest in the two of you and want you to either succeed (as faces) or be knocked off the top (as heels). It takes great in ring work, longevity, and innovation. Some teams have a few of these traits, but the best ones of all time have it all.

The writers at DailyDDT have made their own lists of the top ten tag teams of all time. Those lists were compiled into one large list using the following formula: for every 1st place vote a team received, they got 10 points. 2nd place received 9 points, so on and so on with 10th place getting 1 point.

The writers who participated are:
Rob Wolkenbrod, Editor

Callum Wiggins, Staff Writer

Tobey Johnson, Staff Writer

Evan Wecksell, Staff Writer

Sherron Watson, Staff Writer

Evan Gomes, Staff Writer

Without further ado, the top ten tag teams of all time as well as some teams that just missed the cut.