WWE: Where Are They Now? Beckett Sage

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In August 2014, two-year-old Beckett Sage went viral for naming 20 WWE entrance themes in two minutes. Twelve months later, we tracked down Beckett, now three, to see what he’s been up to with the help of Comedian Evan Wecksell aka Beckett’s dad.

What turned out to be a goofy father/son video turned Beckett Sage into a household name among the WWE Universe. The stats are simple: 20 themes, 2 minutes, one 2-year-old. At first, Stephanie McMahon retweeted it. Then WWE posted the video on all their platforms. That started the snowball: Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post, Bleacher Report and every wrestling blog out there. There was even an article written about Beckett in Spanish. A few days later, the video even caught the eye of Mr. McMahon himself.

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With Beckett in New York during the explosion, he made his first public appearance on the SiriusXM’s Sam Roberts Show to prove his skills were genuine.

The next thing Beckett knew, and probably doesn’t remember, is that he was touring WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT in a visit that included filming a second theme-naming video for WWE.com, and culminated in meeting The Authority, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

So was Beckett a one-hit-wonder? Did he develop a severe drug problem like most child stars? Or is he filing for bankruptcy due to poor investments like many former wrestlers? Daily DDT catches you up.

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