WWE SmackDown Review: Results, Analysis and Grades for 9/17

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RAW Recap

The show begins with a recap of RAW showing Sting compete on the show for the first time. It recaps both his short singles match with Big Show and how Sting tagged with John Cena to take on Seth Rollins and Big Show.

SmackDown is from Little Rock, Arkansas and the first man out through the curtain is the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion, Seth Rollins.

Announced for tonight is Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns teaming up against their former Shield brother Rollins and Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus, in the main event.

Rollins/Sheamus Segment

Rollins talks about how he is going to make history at Night of Champions by defending both titles. He says he will break Cena’s spirit at Night of Champions. Rollins says he will also show Sting why Sting is the past and Rollins is the now. Rollins says he is also going to make some history tonight when he teams with Sheamus. Rollins says he believes in keeping your friends close and enemies closer, so he’s teaming with Sheamus.

Sheamus interrupts Rollins and makes his way down to the ring. The Irishman asks Rollins if he is considered a friend or an enemy. He tells Rollins he won’t see Sheamus coming when he cashes in. Rollins makes fun of Sheamus and says he’ll see Sheamus coming since Sheamus looks pretty stupid. Sheamus yells at the crowd “RTH” meaning “Respect the Hawk.” Sheamus says if Rollins keeps talking they won’t make it to the main event. He then cools down and tells Rollins he’ll be scouting him while they have their tag match.

Cesaro is announced to go one on one against Big Show tonight, and Divas tag team action is announced to be next.

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