WWE SmackDown Review: Results, Analysis and Grades for 9/17

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Paige and Becky Lynch w/Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks and Naomi w/Tamina

Result: Naomi and Sasha Banks defeats Paige and Becky Lynch via pinfall (Inside Cradle).

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

A recap of the rubber match between Paige and Banks is shown where Banks put down Paige with the Bank Statement. Her transition into the Bank Statement is always so smooth.

Lynch starts off against Naomi and Lynch takes early control of Naomi. Banks is tagged in but Lynch maintains control with arm drags and pinning combinations. Lynch gets caught with a kick by Banks as we go to break.

Back from the commercial and Team B.A.D. is in control, as Becky Lynch is caught in a Tree of Woe in the heels corner. Banks and Naomi work quick tags and Naomi hits a leapfrog splash for a two count. Lynch attempts to tag in Paige but can’t quite reach. Lynch fights out of an abdominal stretch and makes the hot tag to Paige.

Paige hits a series of high knees i the corner to Naomi and hits a running knee to a sitting Naomi as well. Lynch pulls Banks off the apron after she tries to jump in. Paige gets caught in an inside cradle by Naomi for the victory. Team B.A.D steals a win.

Evan’s Note: Good quick Divas match that could lead to a Paige heel turn down the road. If they play up her frustration with not getting any wins, it could be some good character development and lead to new feuds with Charlotte and Becky.

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