WWE SmackDown Review: Results, Analysis and Grades for 9/17

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Stardust Promo

Stardust speaks in tongues and rhymes about how The Ascension and Stardust will make the Lucha Dragons and Neville bow down to the Cosmic Wasteland. Stardust as an evil super villain is just wonderful to see, plus it gives him and the Ascension much-needed direction.

Kofi Kingston w/New Day vs. D-Von Dudley w/Bubba Ray Dudley

Result: Kofi Kingston defeats D-Von Dudley via pinfall (Roll-Up).

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

New Day cut a promo before the match about how a table is a terrible thing to waste. Woods says the Dudley Boyz are disrespecting men and women, most importantly they’re disrespecting Mother Nature. Kofi lists off a bunch of beautiful trees and Big E brings up how they started a petition to save the tables and are going to let the Dudleyz sign them.

Kofi starts the match by telling D-Von to sign the petition, but D-Von breaks the petition and clipboard over his leg. D-Von starts in control, but Big E and Woods distract him by grabbing a table from under the ring. Bubba Ray knocks down Big E, and Woods tries to interfere in the match but D-Von tosses him into the ring. As D-Von is dealing with Woods, Kofi rolls up D-Von for the 3 count. New Day escape to the back with their table in tow, taunting the Dudleyz as they go.

Evan’s Note: This grade isn’t for the match but for the whole segment. It got good cheap heat on the New Day heading into their match. It’s important for New Day to keep getting heel reactions because if they get consistent face reactions, they’ll turn back face. No one, absolutely no one, wants that.

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