WWE SmackDown Review: Results, Analysis and Grades for 9/17

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The Bellabration

The Bellabration is shown backstage and Brie and Alicia are nervous since nobody else has shown up. They blame traffic. I blame the match on Monday being a joke.

After the break we get a Bellabration again. Nikki goes in to her celebration and no one is there. She keeps name dropping and asking where everyone is but Brie tells her nobody showed up. Nikki yells at her sisters to go fix it now. Team PCB show up and Charlotte says that it looks really lonely in the party. Charlotte says she looks forward to beating her on Sunday and Becky Lynch tells her not to have too much cake. Adam Rose shows up and tells Nikki her party sucks. Nikki throws a hissy fit and tosses her cake right onto Alicia Fox and Brie.

Ziggler is shown backstage talking to Summer Rae. Summer tells Ziggler the earrings he gave her on Monday were pretty unexpected. Ziggler says just let bygones be bygones and Ziggler tells Summer Rae that sometimes a rose is just a rose, but sometimes it means more. Hooray, even more soap opera.

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