Predicting Five More ‘ZZ-Types’ WWE Could Sign

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Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

The one thing ZZ could do, which is sometimes all you need to find a professional job (ie NBA 3-point shooters), was exhibit charisma and be entertaining doing it. There was no lack of personality with him, however, every other aspect of his character was a work in progress. Well, here is another one-dimensional talent that could also divide the WWE Universe: Groot.

Groot, our second fictional character of the list, was pretty much your average fighting tree with limited vocabulary in Guardians of the Galaxy (unless he had eloquent dialogue, except “I am Groot” were the only words Van Diesel knew). He could also protect others or grow vegetation right on his body. Neither skill would matter in WWE, but he would have some common superstar struggles while finding his role in WWE. At first, fans would turn on him because they would just think Batista got him the opportunity. They would then complain about his mic skills and chant, “you sound stupid” or “only three words.” However, simple sometimes sells as “I am Groot” could become the next “Feed Me More.” WWE Shop could sell tree branch arm sleeves, and “I am Groot” would only frustrate his opponents in promo segments as they believe they are worthy of a more loquacious rebuttal.

So if WWE can look to an alligator wrestler from Louisiana, why can’t they acquire a sentient tree from another galaxy?

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