Ranking All 30 WWE Hell in a Cell Matches

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11) Batista (c) vs. Triple H – World Heavyweight Championship Match, WWE Vengeance 2005

 This match’s build began when Batista turned babyface on Evolution (Triple H and Ric Flair). Batista had won the Royal Rumble and got the choice of challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship (owned by Triple H) or the WWE Championship. The Animal chose the former, against Triple H’s wishes, and challenged for the title at WrestleMania. Batista would defeat him.

Triple H would comment the next night that this isn’t over. After a cheap shot on Batista, he set up a Hell in a Cell match. This would be Triple H’s sixth Hell in a Cell match at the time.

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Batista was able to get his hands on Triple H early in this by slamming him into the cell. The Game would quickly fight back and unleash his fury with clotheslines and hard shots into the cell. He even used a chain, whipped Batista with it multiple times and choked him out. Batista would retaliate, though, with multiple chain shots and four spinebusters into the cell!

The turning point of this match came when Triple H took out a steel chair wrapped with barbed wire. He smacked Batista’s back with it twice, causing him to bleed. It certainly did not look pleasant. Even more so when Batista uses it to bust open Triple H’s head.

The second turning point came when Triple H used his dreaded sledgehammer to club Batista in the head. However, The Animal kicked out at two!

Batista would win after hitting a spinebuster on the steel steps and a Batista Bomb just as Triple H was about to hit him with the sledgehammer.

This was a very good Hell in a Cell match. The spots with the chains and the barbed wire steel chair were brutal and showed off the physicality of this match. And whether people like it or not, blood makes these matches look more devastating. Couple it with Jim Ross calling this bout and you’re in for a solid one.

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