Ranking All 30 WWE Hell in a Cell Matches

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10) Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins – WWE Hell in a Cell 2014

This Ambrose vs. Rollins match was one of the more highly anticipated showdowns of the year. It featured two men with a ton of heat on each other after Rollins broke up The Shield in June earlier that year. Ambrose wanted to crush his former brother; what better place to try to do so than Hell in a Cell?

This main event match was a spot fest that escalated quickly. Both men climbed about half way up the cell and fell off into the announce tables. This made the crowd go wild and set up things for later in the match.

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When they would get back in the cell, Rollins and Ambrose beat the living daylights out of each other. It didn’t look like either man would make it out alive.

However, this match isn’t really remembered for any of this because of Bray Wyatt.

Towards the end of the match, Wyatt appeared in the ring and hit Sister Abigail on Ambrose, causing Rollins to get the win. This set up a feud between these two in the months that followed.

This was a fun Hell in a Cell match but if there was a decisive finish, this may have ranked higher on the list. Rollins and Ambrose haven’t really ended their feud either, so maybe we could get these two back inside the cell down the line.

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