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4) The Undertaker vs. Triple H – WrestleMania XXVII

This was only the second Hell in a Cell match to ever take place at WrestleMania. The first was Undertaker vs. Big Boss Man, which was a forgettable bout.

This match was the continuation of The Undertaker’s feud with Triple H that had been going on since the year prior. The two had wrestled at WrestleMania 27 with the Dead Man getting the win. Now they looked to end their feud in the most dangerous structure of them all.

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Shawn Michaels was also the special guest referee for this match.

Undertaker began this bout by dominating Triple H. HBK went to check on his friend at one point but was shoved back. This had some effect later on.

There were some crazy spots in this match. Undertaker hit a back body drop while on the steel steps. Triple H then hit a spinebuster right back on the steps. He then hit a flurry of chair shots on the back of Undertaker but somehow did not get pinned.

Triple H would then take out a sledgehammer and bashed Undertaker with it, who was barely able to stand. He almost got the pin. As he went for a second hit, Michaels pulled the weapon away and tossed it out of the ring.

As HBK was trying to check on Undertaker, he put him in Hell’s Gate. This led to Triple H bashing ‘Taker with the sledgehammer again. Undertaker would then apply Hell’s Gate onto The Game, leading to the latter passing out. A second referee would enter the cell since HBK was down. ‘Taker then hit a big chokeslam but Triple H kicked out. He then picked up the referee, Charles Robinson, and chokeslammed him.

The turning point came when HBK hit Sweet Chin Music on ‘Taker and Triple H hit the Pedigree. However, Undertaker kicked out!

Undertaker would finally work back some offense and even hit a Tombstone but Triple H kicked out too.

In the end, Triple H couldn’t handle a sledgehammer shot to the face and a Tombstone Piledriver. Undertaker would become 20-0 at WrestleMania.

Like most modern-day Hell in a Cell matches, the cell wasn’t really used. However, this was a brutally physical bout. These two men had scars and cuts all over their chests and backs from the chair shots. They really destroyed each other despite being 40-plus at the time.

This goes down as one of the best Hell in a Cell matches in history and one of the better ones in the past decade. Hopefully more like these can happen in modern-day WWE.

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