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3) Triple H (c) vs. Cactus Jack – WWF Championship Match, No Way Out 2000

Triple H would ask Cactus what match stipulation he wanted between the two at No Way Out and demanded Hell in a Cell. He also wanted the Game to put his WWF Championship on the line. However, Triple H said he only will if Cactus put his career on the line, to which he agreed.

Cactus looked for a way out before the match even started but saw about six chains locked around the door. As the PPV name was titled, he had “No Way Out.”

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The beginning of the match started with these two mostly going back and forth until Triple H took control. He threw Cactus into steel multiple times and looked to destroy the now-WWE Hall of Famer. He was bashed in the head with the steel chair multiple times. Cactus would work some of his veteran tactics with a chair low blow and a double arm DDT. However, it didn’t last long as he was thrown into a chair again.

A turning point of this match came with the cage being busted open. It led to the two going outside the ring and busting open Triple H as well. Cactus would get Triple H onto an announce table and hit a nasty piledriver. Cactus then tried climbing the cage but Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley pulled him down. Cactus would then pull out a two-by-four wrapped in barbed wire and bashed Triple H in the face with it. The two would climb to the top of the cage. However, before Cactus could make it all the way up, Triple H sawed his head with the barbed wire, causing Cactus to fall off the cage and into the Spanish announce table!

Cactus would work his way back up but get hit with the barbed wire multiple times. However, he fought back by hitting Triple H, who broke some of the top of the cage. Cactus then lit the barbed wire on fire and hit Hunter in the face. However, as he went for a piledriver, Hunter hit a back body drop then sent Cactus through the top of the cage and into the floor of the ring! It even got pressed in, too.

Somehow, Cactus got up. However, he was ended by a Pedigree a short time later to end his career at the time.

This match was brutal but very exciting. It told a great story of the veteran trying to save his job and doing everything possible. Add in some great spots and you have one of the better Hell in a Cell matches of all-time. This also helped Triple H establish himself as a dominant heel who was making a name for himself in the company.

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