Ranking All 30 WWE Hell in a Cell Matches

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27) CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman – WWE Hell in a Cell 2013

It could only rank one slot higher.

The storyline of this match was Punk wanting to get his hands on his former advocate, Paul Heyman. Their feud had started months earlier when Heyman turned on Punk at WWE Money in the Bank, causing him to miss a chance at a WWE Championship match.

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At SummerSlam Heyman’s other client, Brock Lesnar, defeated Punk. He had other Superstars, though, like Curtis Axel and Ryback. The latter was used for this match to try and take out the former WWE Champion.

By the time this match came around, everyone wanted this Punk vs. Heyman feud to end. It led to a very uninspiring bout that didn’t look like it had the interest of anyone. Nothing memorable came from this except Punk “finally” getting his hands on Heyman by beating him with a kendo stick. Ryback was a mediocre heel too, so he didn’t do much for this match.

Punk vs. Ryback and Heyman goes down as one of the worst Hell in a Cell matches of all-time.

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