Ranking All 30 WWE Hell in a Cell Matches

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24) Randy Orton (c) vs. Sheamus – WWE Championship Match, WWE Hell in a Cell 2010

Fans have seen lately on WWE TV that Orton and Sheamus just don’t work very well together. They have no in-ring chemistry and have never put on a very good match together. Yet, WWE decided to put them in a three-month feud for some reason. It concluded on this past Monday’s episode of Raw.

The poor showings between Orton and Sheamus didn’t start this year, however. These two men feuded in the fall of 2010.

Orton won the WWE Championship from Sheamus in a 6-pack challenge (a gimmick that is thankfully not used anymore) at Night of Champions. The Celtic Warrior would invoke his rematch clause and this bout inside Hell in a Cell was made.

This match just wasn’t very good. There was barely a feud between these two and to put them inside the cell made little sense, leading to the lackluster bout. What reason did fans have to get invested in this? Why should they have paid $50 to watch this?

Orton would pull out a few nice moves with a powerslam on the steel steps and an RKO to retain the title. That’s about it, though.

Please, WWE, don’t have these two feud again.

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