3 Best Moments from WWE Night of Champions 2015

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Kevin Owens Wins His First Main Roster Title

At Night of Champions, Owens and Ryback opened up the show for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Owens was going for his first main roster title while Ryback was trying to keep his title reign going that began in May at WWE Elimination Chamber.

The match featured Owens dominating most of the bout. He used terrific ring psychology to work on Ryback’s left shoulder and forearm. However, Owens wouldn’t win from this, as he raked Ryback’s eyes and rolled him up for the pin.

Now the IC Title is in the hands of Owens, who had a title run in NXT with the NXT Championship from February to July of this year. He had a terrific feud for the belt with Sami Zayn and Finn Balor, the latter whom he lost the belt to at the Beast in the East special.

Owens brings terrific credibility to the IC Title because he can talk and wrestle better than most in WWE. His speaking skills may even be the best WWE has to offer.

You can argue that this title win for Owens comes two months too late but now we see that WWE has enough faith to put a title on him. Now, let’s see if “Fight Owens Fight” continues with the IC Title.

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