WWE RAW Preview: Post Night Of Champions Edition

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The Big Red Machine is Back

Masked Kane has returned once again, and claimed Seth Rollins as his first victim last night. The last time we saw Kane, he was getting his ankle destroyed by an angry Brock Lesnar. He was also the Director of Operations, following the orders of the Authority. By turning on Rollins, it seems very clear that Kane isn’t back to play nice with anyone, especially the Authority’s golden boy.

Over the course of Rollins’ reign as the Authority’s hand-picked future of WWE, Kane and the “Undisputed Future” have been at odds. Is the Demon back for revenge? Was last night just a glimpse of what Kane is planning on doing to Rollins?

The underlying question that needs to be answered is what role Triple H and Stephanie McMahon had in all of this. Were they the ones ordering Kane out to the ring to deal with Rollins, who lost one of his two championships last night? Or could it be that Kane is on his own once again, with nobody in his path safe from absolute destruction.

Rollins just survived the biggest night of his career by at least hanging on to the WWE World Title. He already has Sheamus lurking over his shoulder, now he has to deal with a masked Kane that is not in the mood to talk. Things could be better for “The Architect.”

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