WWE Raw Review: Results, Analysis and Grades After Night of Champions

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Cesaro vs. Big Show

Result: Big Show defeats Cesaro via pinfall.

Rating: 2.7 out of 5 stars

Cesaro began with an uppercut but Big Show came back with a chop to the chest. Cesaro came back with an uppercut but Show took him down.

Show then tossed Cesaro across the ring and stomped on him. He then drove his elbow into Cesaro for a near-fall. Cesaro tried fighting back but Show shoved him back down. He tried another elbow but Cesaro moved out of the way.

Cesaro came back with an elbow and an uppercut on Show. He tried a move off the announce table but got caught and slammed into the post.

With Show on the apron, Cesaro attempted a suplex but the former countered. Cesaro would hit a huge suplex on Show over the rope!

Cesaro then got knocked out by Show for the win.

After the match, Show pleaded for people to boo him. He said this beating of Cesaro is a message for Brock Lesnar. Show says he has beaten the best and will defeat him.

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