WWE Raw Review: Results, Analysis and Grades After Night of Champions

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Wyatt Family Promo

For once, Raw did not open with The Authority or Seth Rollins. Awesome!

Bray Wyatt said he tried to warn Roman Reigns with his words but says he apparently didn’t speak loud enough. He says his actions weren’t hard enough, either. He calls Reigns a fool following the defeat at Night of Champions.

Wyatt says he is no liar until Reigns comes out alone.

Reigns says it’s not about Roman Reigns, it’s about Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. He says it started here so let’s finish here. He says “let’s see who makes it out of Laredo tonight.” Wyatt gets reluctant and Reigns says for them to just have a fight, not a match. Wyatt pushes Luke Harper and Braun Strowman out of the ring and the two men fight.

Reigns hits multiple punches and clotheslines on Wyatt. Bray then got in his own punches until he got Superman punched. Harper and Strowman then ran in and attacked Reigns.

Ambrose then ran out and took out Harper . He tried two dives on Strowman but failed to take him down. Reigns then came out to help Ambrose but Strowman fought them off.

Randy Orton then returned and helped Reigns and Ambrose take out the Wyatts. The babyfaces stood tall to end the segment.

Rob’s Note: So no Sting opener here but we got a lot of action to hope up Raw for once. Orton as a possible third man is much more inspiring than Chris Jericho. I’m okay with this trio.

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