WWE Raw Review: Results, Analysis and Grades After Night of Champions

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Charlotte’s Title Celebration

Ric Flair would come out to open the celebration for Charlotte. Flair said he’s a happy and proud father. He said there’s times in a mans life where things are special. He says the proudest moment of his life was seeing Charlotte win the Divas Championship last night.

Charlotte says she remembers sitting in the crowd and thinking she wants to be what her dad is growing up. She tells Ric that she loves him and they hug.

Charlotte says teaming up with Paige and Becky Lynch has been a dream of hers since day one. She says she got two best friends in the process of winning the title.

Paige says she made all this possible. She yells at Charlotte and talks about winning the Divas Championship on her first day. She says title reigns end and Nikki Bella will win back the title. She calls Charlotte a placeholder. She says Becky won’t be a Divas Champion because she’s the least relevant.

Paige calls out Team B.A.D., Natalya and the Bellas and storms off on her own.

Team Bella then came out. Nikki says everyone becomes jealous when you’re the one on top. She says this doesn’t get any easier because Brie Bella is facing Charlotte.

Rob’s Note: We just got the promo that was so badly needed for the Divas division. Paige is now on her own and we go from here.

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