WWE Raw Review: Results, Analysis and Grades After Night of Champions

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Dolph Ziggler and Dudley Boyz vs. New Day and Rusev

Result: New Day and Rusev defeat Dolph Ziggler and Dudley Boyz via pinfall.

Rating: 2.7 out of 5 stars

Before the match, New Day said they need to build a wall around Dudleyville.

Kofi and Ziggler began this match. Ziggler flipped Kofi, who landed on his face. He tagged in D-Von, who hit multiple punches and a scoop slam. He hit a neckbreaker and Bubba and Big E tagged in.

We come back to see Ziggler hitting a dorpkick on Big E for a near-fall. He hit a neckbreaker but got distracted by Xavier Woods. Big E responded with a clothesline for a near-fall.

Rusev tagged in and hit multiple stomps. The three men then traded stomps in the corner. Woods then played Rusev’s theme on the trombone!

Rusev continued his offense on Ziggler and tagged in Big E. Big E would lock in Ziggler, who responded with a Famouser. Kofi then tagged in, locked in Dolph and dropkicked him for a near-fall.

Rusev and Big E and sandwiched Ziggler. Ziggler then hit a huge DDT on Rusev and tagged in Bubba Ray.

Bubba Ray hit a few shoulder tackles and a back body drop on Kofi. He hit a huge side slam and planted him for a near-fall.

Rusev then tagged in but got taken down immediately by Bubba Ray. D-Von came in and tagged in Dolph. They set up the “Wazzup” from the top rope and let Ziggler headbutt Rusev.

Woods then used his trombone to distract Ziggler and it led to Rusev hitting a superkick for the win.

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